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Natural Nails Therapy:


Cut Buff Shape and Polish Natural Nails (normal polish) $15

Cut Buff Shape and Gel Polish Natural Nails $25

Manicure (normal polish) $25

Gel Polish Manicure $35

Gel Polish Toes $25

Spa Pedicure $40

Gel Polish Spa Pedicure $50

Gel Polish Manicure (Remove & Reapply) $40

French gel polish on top of the service $10+

Take off shellac $5

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Infill Normal Polish $35

Acrylic Infill Gel Polish $40

Deluxe Acrylic Infill Gel Polish (include Manicure) $60

Acrylic Set Normal Polish $55

Acrylic Set Gel Polish $65

Deluxe Acrylic Full Set Gel Polish (include Manicure) $70 

Acrylic Set French Tips $60

Acrylic Overlay $45

Acrylic Overlay Gel Polish $55

Acrylic Toes

Acrylic Toes Set Gel Polish $65

Big Toes Acrylic $10 per Toe

Gel Nails

Gel Overlay $55

Gel Full Set  $60

Gel Full Set + Gel Polish $70

Gel X Extension

Full set of Gel X extension $70

SNS Nails

SNS Natural Nails $45

SNS Full Set $60

SNS Removal & Reapply +10

Bio Gel Nails


Bio Gel $ 65

Bio Gel refill $50

Nails Arts

Nails 2 Features Nails from $5

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